First of all, I would like to thank you all for visiting this site.

This is a non-profit organisation website and is dedicated to
Sir Edmund Hillary,
who devoted and is still devoting his life for the well-being of the Sherpas who
were once a very under-privileged community in Nepal.   He was the first man to
climb Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world.  As a Sherpa, it is now my
pay back time.  This is an effort to honor this great human being by following
his foot steps and motivating people to climb a different kind of mountain, a
spiritual Mountain, that requires a good heart, unlike lungs, that we
are famous for.  This organization encourages all, especially the individuals
who have been rescued, to pay back (honor) their rescuers by getting involved
in Sherpa Mission.  This organization hopes to encourage people to become
the rescuer (hero) by encouraging them to make their own relief projects and
assisting them in fund raising events for the people who are different than
themselves.  It honors all those who devotes their lives for the benefit of others
just like Sir Edmund Hillary has been doing.  

Sir Edmund Hillary who was from a different country, different race, different
religion and different cultural background spent his life helping people, who in
no way were similar to him, after the ascent of Mt. Everest. This is the message I
want to send the world. Let’s help and care for the needy ones around the world
even if they are different than us. The trend to help people of a different
background, I believe, will definitely promote world unity and harmony. While
keeping our own people, lets do something for someone totally different. When
you are loved by people, your race, colour, culture, religion all seem invisible.
Sir Edmund seems like one of our own Sherpas and I am sure he is well
respected in his own native country as a great New Zealander.

I myself am an example of one of the many results brought about by this kind
hearted gentleman from New Zealand. If it wasn't for him, I could have been
back in my village with cracked bare feet, patched-up shiny clothes caused by
dirt and wearing for weeks, and grazing yaks. He has built schools, hospitals,
bridges, helped renovate monasteries in and around my village and many more.
Ever since, he has changed lives of many Sherpas in one way or the other.

I am a New York cab driver now unlike many doctors, engineers and other
honorable white collar professionals that he helped create, but I consider myself
lucky that I am blessed with enough knowledge (he is to blame for it again) to
realize the importance of Sir Edmund's life-long commitment for a meaningful
humanitarian cause. He worked like a porter and lived like a King in Sherpa
villages. He is the "Gentle Giant" that rules the hearts of the Sherpas.  For me,
the lesson he has taught me, is greater than any college degrees that anyone
can acquire. If I have no other knowledge but only have the awareness of the
importance of humanitarian work and am doing something about it, I would still
be tremendously satisfied. It is better to know nothing and do something than
know everything and do nothing for others. To become a "slave of heaven and
king of hell" is not a far-fetched reality for people in developed countries like

I want to tell everyone (although it’s been repeated thousands of times by
many) that your valuable contributions do make a lot of difference in the lives of
needy people. I am here to speak up and give you first-hand information about
poverty and suffering. I know how it feels like not to have something you need.
More than that, I also know how it feels like to be saved from all those miseries.
Today my mother doesn't need to walk 7 days to go to Kathmandu to get
proper treatment for a serious disease. My niece doesn't have to go somewhere
else to attend a good school. Our people are far better off now than when I was
a kid.

The value of the results brought by your contributions can not be stressed
enough. Your involvement is needed now more than ever to promote world unity
and harmony. This is my attempt as a Sherpa of the new millennium to climb the
spiritual Mountain and encourage everyone to join this expedition to make your
own lives count. I urge everyone to participate in this noble and satisfying
mission. Let’s strive to make a difference and make it the driving force of the
new millennium.

L.G. Khambache Sherpa
Founder/President of Sherpa Mission,
New York, U.S.A.
"What difference
is there between
bees and so-
called intelligent
humans if the
mental attitude is
the same, where
both are living
only for sense
Perhaps bees
are even more
intelligent than
us—they live such
short lives but still
accumulate vast
amounts of what
gives them
"We have
such a short
time to
realize a life
without ego,
but searching
for it is what
us from
insects and
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