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Crawl - A - Thon
of 911
This event has been covered by: CNN, BBC, MSNBC, South Asian TV Channel, The biggest Lation TV channel Univision Network
(Ch. 41), New York Times, Harper's Magazine, Daily News   and many other News medias.

Hi everyone,

My name is
L.G. Khambache Sherpa.  I am a NYC yellow cab driver and the founder/President of
"Sherpa Mission", New York.

The first fund raising event that "Sherpa Mission" is launching is going to be a
There can't be any better opportunity to pursue "Sherpa Mission" than to start its first event by
dedicating it to pay tribute to our own heroes of the tragic incident of September 11th., the  
FDNY and PAPD.  These heroes sacrificed their lives to save others in the building which I am
emotionally attached to and where I have lots of
memories associated with my world record
breaking event for the highest roof-top concert (on top of the World Trade Center), hosted by
VH1, in May 1999.  This event will raise funds in the name of those brave policemen and
firefighters, for the unfortunate victims of tsunami in south Asia.  The merits generated by this
event will be dedicated to all the unfortunate victims of the September 11th, 2001. ( May all the
souls of the victims of 9/11/01be liberated by the merit generated by this event.)

With the permissions of the fire and police departments, the funds will be used for building
orphanage for the children of the victims of Tsunami in Sri Lanka in the names of the heroes of
Sept. 11th, 01.

100% of the donated funds through the help of site, after deducting the paypal
charge, will be used for the purpose of the Tsunami relief.  The profits from the event sponsorship
(if there are any), after deducting the event expenses, will also go to the Tsunami relief fund.  This
event is being conducted with the permission of New Jersey Buddhist Vihara (Tel:- (732) 821-
9346), a registered tax exempt organization, to use their site for the purpose of
collecting donations.  

The event, “Crawl-A-Thon”, will launch on May 29th, 2005 and end on June 4th, 2005.  During the
event, I will crawl on my hands and feet from the top to the bottom of Manhattan along  Broadway
finishing at the former World Trade Center site.  Everyone will be encouraged to join the Crawl-A-
Thon on different days with the help of  Event Flyers and this website.  To find out about the event
in progress and see photos during the event, please go to the
Event Updates and Event Photos
page.  A large crowd including crawlers will be invited to gather at the ground zero on the last day
of the event which will fall on Saturday.  

Crawling symbolizes the position and the action of climbing which Sherpas are most associated
with.  It also shows humility.  It is a way to beg on hands and knees for world unity and harmony.

The crawling that will last six days, will resemble the mountain climbing expedition.  I will be crawling
during the day and sleeping in my van at night.
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" We can only do so much for the ones that have passed
away, but we can do a lot for the ones that are living."
(Record of the past Event)