(Record of the past Event)
Crawling Lessions
Date        :- July 17th 2005, Sunday.
Place       :-
Tanager Lodge  (A unique place for summer camp) located in
                         New York State's Adirondack Park.
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There will be a Crawling Event on July 17th, at Tanager Lodge, a very
unique camp among summer camps.  The campers live like Tarzan and
Jane.  They live close to nature and are completely out of touch from
modern civilization.  They swim, do boating and canoeing, shoot bow and
arrows, do gardening, go mountain climbing, go hiking, do carving, make
handicrafts, go fishing, live in a tent and much more, in a secluded place
surrounded by water.  

On the day of the Crawling, L.G. Khambache will give lessons to the
campers on various styles of Crawling followed by few hours of Crawling
in natural environment.  

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Event pictures section after the event.
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