Have you ever heard of people who do exercise everyday, take a good diet and
vitamins, then all of a sudden suffer from a serious disease?  Many of you might be
familiar with such stories.  Well, what went wrong?  Actually, a lot of us are not aware
of the other part of the exercise or even if we are, we don't do them.

To be totally healthy, apart from taking good diet, staying away from toxins, and doing
physical exercise, we also need to do spiritual (mental) exercise .  The latter is
greatly neglected in most cases.  One may look physically fit but, mentally, he/she
may be very unhealthy.  The defilements in the mental level will sooner or later show
up as a disease in the physical level.  "Healthy mind resides in the healthy body" is
not always true unless we do something about it.

So, what can be better than joining the club, "The Crawlers" in order to get the
benefits from both exercises.  We get the spiritual benefits through spiritual
exercises by taking part in crawling events to make a difference in other people's
lives.   Similarly, we also get the
physical benefits by learning different varieties  of
crawling and including them in our daily routine.  Therefore,
sign up to be completely
healthy by;

1)  Being fit physically.
2)  Being fit spiritually.

Let us all get ready to crawl for the next fund raising event to make a difference in
the lives of needy people and get that spiritual exercise we all need to accumulate
positive karma, along with the physical exercise, for our own benefit.  It is beneficial
in every way.  In the long run, it will help us save quite a lot of medical bills and will
become a much happier person, not to mention about a much better
world to live in.  Let us
join "The Crawlers" now to open our spiritual hearts, so we
won't have to open our
physical hearts in future.  Lets all "Crawl to change".  

Finally, please do not forget to spread the words.  Tell everyone you know about
the club.  Hope to see you all at the club.
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